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Zelensky announced the news of his death personally: ‘He was in the first place among the bravest’

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Russia’s offensive against Ukraine, which started on February 24, continues. Many Ukrainians are fighting against Russian soldiers, staying in the country to defend their land.

Ukrainian State Leader Vladimir Zelenskiy stated that 36-year-old Ukrainian journalist Oleksandr Makhov died after leaving his job and joining the army to fight against the Russian army.

Zelenskiy, in his sharing about Makhov, said, “He was a patriot, sincere and eternally free from arrogance. And he was always first among the bravest.”

It has been learned that journalist Makhov, who lost his life in the city of Izyum in the northeast of Ukraine, is the 8th journalist who lost his life in the war that has been going on for more than 2 months . Journalist Makhov, who has been reporting news from hot regions for more than one time, also fought in conflicts in 2 separatist regions of Ukraine in 2014.

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