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‘Yamula Eggplant’ invitation from Ahmet Çolakbayrakdar

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Preparations for the ‘Yamula Eggplant Promotion’ event, which has been made a classic by Kayseri’s Kocasinan Municipality and registered with the Geographical indication document, continue. Leader Çolakbayrakdar, who stated that they organized the event with the aim of both adding color to the social life of Kayseri and introducing classical tastes to large masses, invited all the people of Kayseri to the organization that will be held on Sunday, 28 August in Yemliha District.

Kocasinan Municipality Leader Ahmet Çolakbayrakdar stated that each corner of Kayseri stands out with its unique features and costs; “Each of Kocasinan has different features like Yemliha, but our Yemliha neighborhood is famous for its eggplant. We organize events to keep the values ​​of our neighborhoods alive. Especially our neighborhoods that deal with agriculture have different pleasures and costs in their own way. Hopefully, we will pass these values ​​on to the next generations. By protecting our local assets, we try our best to introduce them, transfer them to future generations, brand them and bring them into the economy. In this context, as Kocasinan Municipality, we prepared a colorful arrangement this year, as in previous years, after two years due to a certain process, to introduce Yamula Eggplant, which is unique to our Yemliha Neighborhood. I invite all our citizens to our event, which will be held on Sunday, August 28,” he said.

President Çolakbayrakdar added that his efforts will continue to promote and brand the local artifacts of Kayseri.

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