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Written statement from Transportation… Atatürk Airport will continue to be your nation’s

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The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that Atatürk Airport will remain the nation.

ANKARA (IGFA) – A written statement came from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure against the ‘purchase’ and ‘sale’ claims made with Atatürk Airport, the first state of which was built in 1912 and started to be used with the functions of today’s airports in 1953.

In a written statement made by the Ministry, it was noted that Atatürk Airport, which has filled its capacity by providing great services to Turkey in the field of aviation, will now continue to remain at the service of the nation by offering the green spaces it needs to Istanbul.

In the statement that said, “It is up to us, who built the New Turkey, to correct the bullshit about Atatürk Airport once again,” and said, “We exist to entrust our young people with a stronger Turkey in every aspect, especially in economy.” While we are working with our strength, someone thinks that they can deceive our nation with news full of slander and bullshit, as they always do. We are sure that our nation will not be deceived by these bullshit. However, we are now sure that the liar will not stop telling bullshit. This is why we present the problems that could arise if Atatürk Airport were still used as an ‘airport’ today. We want” phrases were included.


With the opening of Istanbul Airport, which was put into service on 29 October 2018, D100 Topkapı – Yenibosna, Istoc – Kuyumcukent (Press Express) D100 Sefaköy – Ambarlı route Turkish Airlines (THY), one of the most valuable brands of our country, which is globally known and preferred, plays a very valuable role in Turkey’s achievement of its goals, in order to He noted that in the first half of the 2010s, he took action to increase the number of flights, transit passengers and cargo.

The Ministry included the following views in its written statement:

“You Will Not Disrupt Our Nation’s Peace, You Will Not Prevent Turkey’s Growth… Thanks to the investment of more than 337 billion liras, it has achieved 100 years of development in 20 years. With an investment of more than 147 billion liras in the field of aviation alone in 20 years, we have transformed Turkey into a brand in the global aviation department and the airline the way of the people. – With Artvin Airport, we have increased it to 58. Counting the days to its 100th anniversary, the Republic of Turkey, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, with faith, determination and excitement on the first day in its blessed march to become one of the 10 largest economies in the world. We want those who equate opposition with being hostile to their state, let them turn from their misconceptions, and show respect to 84 million. Let them develop a project that they will hear about and compete with us in service. We want; Let them spend the time they spend trying to block the service going to the nation, in order to promise something better.


Atatürk Airport will remain a nation. So clear, so clear.

Unfortunately, those around us, these individuals who have adopted bragging, slander and slander as an ideology, do not give up trying to appear as if they are ‘opposition’ by clinging to a new one after each unsuccessful thesis . We have said it before, let’s repeat it again: We neither give up serving our nation nor make efforts with these customers.”

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