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World writer Aktaş: The fuel prices used in the calculation by TurkStat are below the price announced by EMRA

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The author of Dünya newspaper, Alaattin Aktaş, “Let’s ask TÜİK, where did you get the fuel prices?” He published an article entitled

Expressing that there was a price increase in fuel and diesel and a reduction in LPG in May, Aktaş stated that the increase in fuel and diesel was less than EMRA, and the reduction in LPG was higher than EMRA, according to TUIK data. Aktas continued:

“According to TURKSTAT, the reflection on the CPI from the price movements in these three works is 0.17 points. According to the calculation made based on the prices announced by EMRA and their changes, the reflection on the CPI is 0.27 points. There is that 0.10 point difference in the middle, that’s the difference. It moves 2.98 to 3.08.

All distribution companies send the price they recommend to their dealers to EMRA.

EMRA announces the average of these prices on a daily and monthly basis on its website.

With the recommended price, the pump price is quickly applied in fuel and diesel fuel. In LPG, the ceiling price is the issue and stations can make significant discounts.

EMRA announces the price on the European side of Istanbul, that is, almost the lowest price in Turkey.

So, how is it that TURKSTAT finds a lower price than the price of EMRA?

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