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Works accelerated at Bursa Mudanya Junction

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The work of the relationship branch, which Bursa Metropolitan Municipality implemented at Mudanya Junction with the aim of giving the Acemler Junction a breather, continues rapidly.

BURSA (IGFA) – Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to relieve traffic in Acemler, where the density is 10-12 percent higher than the July 15 Martyrs Bridge, where the average daily density is around 180 thousand vehicles in Istanbul. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously made lane widening in the Acemler Junction relationship branches and connected Hayran Cadde and Oulu Cadde with a tube passage, also accelerated the works at the Mudanya Junction, which directly affected the traffic in the region. Asphalting has started on the branch that will connect the vehicles, which are designed at Mudanya Junction and coming from the direction of Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler, to the city center direction from ‘near the stadium’. With the contact viaduct to be built in the second phase of the project, direct connection of vehicles passing through the region to Mudanya and İzmir will be ensured. 39 beams will be assembled for the 220-meter bridge to be built on the Mudanya road theme.

The traffic load will decrease

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Leader Alinur Aktaş reminded that they previously completed the bridge-connection road works designed at Mudanya Junction, allowing vehicles from both directions to go to Hayran Caddesi, Bursa Ali Osman Sönmez Hospital and Hüdavendigar District without coming to Acemler.

Leader Aktaş, who stated that the works on the road that will allow the vehicles coming from the direction of Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler to contact the D200 highway from the side of the stadium, are accelerating, “With the relationship to be made, vehicles coming from the direction of Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler will be able to connect to the main road without having to go to Orhaneli Junction or Acemler Junction. . With the Mudanya road contact viaduct, which constitutes the second leg of this project, these vehicles will be directly connected to the Mudanya road and the İzmir road. Thus, both the burden of Acemler will decrease and the course of the traffic will accelerate”.

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