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Wonderful rock formation on Mars!

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Curvy rock towers like fairy chimneys have been found on Mars.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has found a marvelous rock formation on Mars.

Several curved rock towers were discovered rising amid the shallow sands and rocks of Mars’ Gale Crater.

The spikes of sediments look like streams of frozen water pouring from a jug.

Experts say the pillars were likely formed from something like cement that once filled bedrock cracks. As softer rock gradually erodes, the compact material that bends survives.

In world geology, the ‘hoodoo’ is defined as a tall, slender tower of rock formed by erosion.

It is also called tent rock, fairy chimney or earth pyramid.

According to the news reported by TRT Haber, the rock formations were viewed by a camera on the Curiosity rover on May 17, but the scene was shared last week by experts from NASA and the SETI institute (Extraterrestrial Intelligence Search), as part of SETI’s planetary photo. mara

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