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With Bursa’s countryside, it is more faithful to fires

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While Bursa Metropolitan Municipality strengthens the fire brigade, which is one of the most valuable services that directly concerns the safety of life and property of the people, it has added 25 tractor-back fire extinguishing water tankers and 7 more fire trucks, two of which have ladders, to its service fleet to respond to possible fires in rural neighborhoods.

BURSA (IGFA) – The Metropolitan Municipality, which always strengthens the fire brigade, which is the most valuable municipal service that directly affects the safety of life and property of the people, in terms of team and equipment, aims to intervene and extinguish the fire as soon as possible.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which still provides firefighting services at 28 stations with 562 workers and 122 vehicles, always supports the organization both as a group and as equipment.


In parallel with the increase in the risk of fire in both agriculture and forest areas, especially in summer, precautions against fire are tightened in rural neighborhoods. While the willing fire department has been established in 83 rural neighborhoods to date, 571 willing firefighters and 70 tractor-back fire extinguishing water tankers have been serving; 25 more water tankers were purchased for rural neighborhoods. new tankers; Büyükorhan’s Burunca and Perçin, Gemlik’s Fevziye and Şükriye, Harmancık’s Delicegüney, İnegöl’s Hayriye, Hilmiye and Madenköy, İznik’s Candarlı and Sarıağıl, Karacabey’s Sergeant, Taşpınar and Yeşildere, Kestel’s Şevketiye serveçu, the Mustafa Çevketiye district of Mudanya and Çevketiye, the district of Gükemalça serve, Mudanya and Çevketiv , Nilüfer’s Gölyazı and Büyükbalıklı, Orhaneli’s Balıkoğlu and Kadıköy, Orhangazi’s Dutluca and Keramet, Yenişehir’s Gökçesu and Kızılköy neighborhoods.


In addition to the support it gives to rural neighborhoods, the Metropolitan Municipality also supports fire brigade groups in district centers with new vehicles. 7 more of the 22 fire trucks included in the 2021-2022 investment program have been added to the service fleet. Two newly purchased vehicles with 24-meter ladders, Keles and Büyükorhan, and 5 10-tonne fire tankers will serve in the Orhaneli, Karacabey, Orhangazi, Mudanya and Gençosman fire brigades.

Speaking at the ceremony of commissioning the new vehicles, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Leader Alinur Aktaş noted that investments continue to strengthen the fire brigade.

Leader Aktaş, who mentioned that 15 new vehicles within the investment plan will be included in the fleet in a short time, said that the recruitment of 85 firefighter officers planned for this year continues, the tender for the Karacabey Fire Brigade Cluster building has been completed and the construction has begun. Indicating that the tender process for the Orhaneli, Büyükorhan, Keles and Harmancık firefighting cluster buildings continues, Lider Aktaş said, “We have a strong fire department, we are getting stronger. We are especially trying to be a fire department worthy of industrializing Bursa. Especially last year, our team moved from the Mediterranean to the Aegean”. “They showed a marvelous performance at the point of responding to forest fires in Turkey and again, together with BUSKI, in the flood disasters in the Black Sea. I congratulate all my friends heartily,” he said.

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