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‘Winter will be big’ threat from Russia

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In the alleged footage released by Gazprom, European capitals are pictured frozen.

In the background, there is a music titled “Winter will be long”.

The video is seen threatening that if the gas flow is cut off, it will be difficult for Europe in the winter.

If it is in the middle of Europe and Russia, a wall of cold is depicted. With an image previously published on social media, the propaganda image of winter is coming, time to move to Russia was spread.

“Do they really think they can kill thousands of Ukrainians, seize another country’s lands, and Europe will look the other way, fearing gas blackmail?” Anton Gerashchenko, Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, shared on social media.

In a statement made by Gazprom on 19 August, it was announced that natural gas flow will be stopped for three days from 31 August due to pre-scheduled maintenance in Nord Stream.

Nord Stream is known as one of the precious borders carrying Russian gas to Europe, as well as the Yamal-Europe pipe border and pipelines in Ukraine.

After the start of the Ukrainian war, shipments over the Yamal-Europe border were completely stopped, while shipments over Ukraine were reduced by about half.

While Russian officials claim that the problems in natural gas shipments to Europe are caused by sanctions, European officials argue that Russia is using its power resources as a weapon.

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