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Who is Bulent Ersoy? Why did Bülent Ersoy’s father die?

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Born in Istanbul in 1952, Bülent Ersoy began his artistic career by taking private music lessons.

Ersoy, who took the stage at Maksim Casino in 1974, achieved record sales with his classical long play “Tuti-i Mucizeyi Guyem Ne Sayem Lâf Not”. Fahrettin Aslan, the owner of Maksim Casino, decided to release Bülent Ersoy as a headliner. However, the surname of the artist, whose real surname was Erkoç, was changed to Ersoy by Müjdat Gezen.


When she opened her breasts after the cheers from the audience at the Izmir Fair in August 1980, the Izmir Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation. He was arrested in September 1980 on the grounds that he insulted a judge at his residence in Kordon and was held in Buca Prison. After the September 12 coup, with the law enacted by the then Minister of Internal Affairs Selahattin Çetiner in June 1981, he was banned from performing with transgender artists. The ban was lifted on January 8, 1988.


On April 14, 1981, she had sex reassignment surgery in London. However, at that time, Turkey did not recognize gender change. In 1983, the Council of State decided that Bülent Ersoy “is legally a man and can appear on the stage in casinos, but in men’s clothes”. She got the ‘pink identity card’ years later, thanks to the law that allowed gender reassignment, enacted in 1988 under the leadership of the then prime minister, Turgut Özal, who also lifted the ban on the stage.

Bülent Ersoy received citizenship offers from various European countries during the years he was banned. During a concert he gave in Adana in 1989, he was shot and lost a kidney because he did not read the request called “Çırpırdırdı Karadeniz” from an audience.

Bülent Ersoy became the first Turkish artist to perform at the London Palladium in 1980 and Madison Square Garden in 1983. On March 30, 1997, after Ümmü Gülsüm, she became the first Turkish artist to take the stage with ethnic musical instruments at the Olympia music hall. Bülent Ersoy also became the first Turkish artist to give a concert in Olympia after Ajda Pekkan and Dario Moreno, and she presented a four-hour program with an orchestra of fifty individuals on the stage.


The lawsuit filed by Deniz Baykal

Bülent Ersoy, in a magazine program in 2005, told that he attempted to lift the stage ban imposed on him in the past. he said he. Following this statement, DYP General Leader Mehmet Ağar stated that the subject of the speech was not the leader himself, and said, “I cannot say that he is the head of the right-wing party.” said. Thereupon, the eyes were turned to the CHP General Leader Deniz Baykal.

Emphasizing that he was a lawyer at that time, Baykal said that Bülent Ersoy phoned him to consult him and talked only for 2 minutes, and nothing was talked about money. Thereupon, Bülent Ersoy held a press conference. In his statements, Ersoy claimed that he had a face-to-face meeting with Deniz Baykal in an office behind the Dedeman Hotel in Ankara, citing Mehmet Yüzak, the author of theology, as a witness, and said, “There was even a gray staff on Mr. Deniz. If I remember that much detail, I might as well remember asking for 100 million, which is today’s 1 trillion.” he said he. He also argued that the person mediating the meeting was Mehmet Nabi İnciler, the famous mafia boss known as İnci Baba. In addition, he said that he did not know whether the 100 million lira Baykal requested from him was only the price of a lawyer, or whether it would be used as a bribe to various individuals in order to lift the ban on the stage.

Following this press release, Deniz Baykal filed a lawsuit against Bülent Ersoy for 300,000 liras, with the argument that he violated his personal rights due to both bribery and mafia implication. moved. On March 25, 2008, the Court of Cassation approved the decision of the local court and ordered Bülent Ersoy to pay Baykal 15 thousand liras for non-pecuniary damage, including interest.

Lawsuit filed for his views on military service

On February 26, 2008, at the Popstar Alaturka music competition, the loss of 15 lives during a military operation carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces in northern Iraq, “Okay, the homeland cannot be destroyed, I don’t know what happens; However, according to the eye, let all mothers give birth to these children and let them bury them. Is that so? Martyrs do not die, the homeland cannot be destroyed, always just like clichés. We always say that. Children are leaving, bloody tears, funerals… Clichéd words…”. He also had a polemic with Ebru Gündeş, who was also a member of the delegation, in the one-on-one program.

Bakırköy Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against Bülent Ersoy with the allegation that he had committed the misdemeanor of ‘turning people off from military service’. However, the court saw Ersoy’s words as freedom of thought and granted a verdict of acquittal.


Bülent Ersoy’s first wife is Cem Adler. Bülent Ersoy got married to Cem Adler in 1998. This marriage lasted for 1 year. Ersoy made his second marriage to Armağan Uzun. This marriage also lasted only 1 year.


Fikret Erkoç, who was hospitalized after falling in his home in September, died on October 5, 2021. The scenes taken at the funeral of Bülent Ersoy’s father came to the fore 7 months later. “Isn’t it narrow, is it?” What will I be? I don’t fit the standard”. One of the individuals next to Ersoy answers the question “We will make yours bigger”. This dialogue of Bülent Ersoy at his father’s grave became a hot topic in the social media.

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