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WHO announced a decrease in Covid-19 and monkeypox cases

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The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that a decrease was observed worldwide in Covid-19 and monkeypox outbreaks.

Speaking at the weekly press conference at the organization’s Geneva headquarters, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus evaluated the latest situation in epidemics.

Stating that the weekly Covid-19 incidents and deaths continue to decrease, Ghebreyesus said, “We cannot guarantee that this trend will continue. The most dangerous thing is to get the idea that the trend will continue.” he said he.

Noting that deaths from Covid-19 have fallen by more than 80 percent since February, Ghebreyesus said, “Despite this, one person died from Covid-19 every 44 seconds in the last week. The vast majority of these deaths are preventable.” he said.

Stating that the virus has evolved, Ghebreyesus underlined that WHO member countries should continue their efforts with the epidemic.


Stating that there was a decrease in monkeypox cases, Ghebreyesus said, “We see a decreasing trend in Europe. There has been a decrease in the incidents in the Americas region in the last week, but it is difficult to make clear decisions about the situation of the epidemic in this region.” shared his knowledge.

Ghebreyesus underlined that while monkeypox incident notifications to WHO from some American countries increased, incident reporting was insufficient in some countries in the region due to stigmatization and discrimination against those who contracted the virus.

Ghebreyesus, warning that the downward trend in monkeypox is dangerous, said, “As WHO, we advise all countries not to abandon health measures such as testing, research and vaccination in countries where vaccines are available.” he said.

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