Business is booming.

While the price of 70 raki was around 8 lira in 2002, it has reached 255 lira today.

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While registered alcoholic beverage consumption in Turkey remains in place due to prohibitions, exorbitant increases and high taxes, illegal and under-the-counter production is at its peak.

Last year, the total consumption of alcoholic beverages in Turkey increased by 11 percent to 1 billion 122 million 593 thousand 148 liters, while the SCT income from this increased by 37 percent and exceeded 22 billion TL. While the price of Turkey’s national drink raki (70’s) was around 8 TL in 2002, today it has increased by 3 thousand percent in the last 20 years. With the last SCT increase at the beginning of the year, the average shelf price of 70 raki with an alcohol content of 45 percent increased to 255 TL. Compared to the price of the work, the tax rate increased to 296 percent.


According to the information of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Department of Tobacco and Alcohol, stretching the pandemic rules, opening restaurants and not increasing the SCT applied in this area last year are effective in the increase in consumption last year. it happened. While the highest consumption in 2021 was in the beer cluster with 943 million 575 thousand 646 liters, whiskey consumption increased by 46 percent compared to 2020 to 19 million 910 thousand liters, and raki sales increased by 23 to 37 million 472 liters. However, raki consumption is far behind the 48 million 810 liters in 2011. Raki exports, on the other hand, have been stuck at 3 million liters for 10 years. An increase is observed in the sales of imported drinks such as vodka, especially whiskey. Since 2005, nearly 2,500 percent increase in whiskey imports is the subject of speech.


While the total amount of wine supplied to the domestic market in 2020 is 86 million liters, Turkey’s export of alcoholic beverages has not shown a great improvement for years. While beer exports have increased from 62 million liters to 68 million liters in the last year, Turkey’s wine exports are decreasing. While there was 3 million liters of export in 2019, this amount decreased to 2 million liters last year.

SCT on alcoholic beverages is increased twice every year, in January and July. Due to the astronomical SCT increase rates, the domestic production of alcoholic beverages is also increasing. In the last 14 years, the State’s SCT revenue from alcoholic beverages has exceeded 116 billion TL. The SCT increases, which did not take effect in liquor in 2021, put a barrier in front of the illegal and fake liquor market. During the period when the SCT did not come into effect, there was a 40 percent decrease in illegal raki. The registered raki measure increased from 25 million liters to 30 million liters. The unregistered portion fell from 12 million liters to 7 million. The 47.4 percent increase in SCT on alcoholic beverages at the beginning of 2022 is expected to explode again this year.


The absolute alcohol consumption per capita in Turkey is less than 1 liter, and this is around 7 liters in the world. Even when tourism numbers are included, Turkey ranks 148th in the world in per capita alcohol consumption.

It is assumed that the capacity utilization rate of the distilled alcoholic beverages segment is 29.6%, the beer is 57.5 percent and the wine branch is 46.6 percent. It is predicted that the world alcoholic beverage market will reach 1.75 trillion dollars in 2024.

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