When citizenship is distributed as a cookie… A News reporter’s moments of distress!

In the second round of Presidential elections to be held on May 28, the voting process has started at the airport and customs. In its live broadcast from Istanbul Airport, A Haber wanted to interview a Turkish citizen who voted.

However, when the voter, to whom the reporter held out a microphone, answered in Arabic, the reporter had to interrupt the conversation.

The Turkish citizen voters who voted gave the following statements:

“I have never seen a democratic election like the one in Turkey before. I would also like to thank the Kuwait Embassy here.”


Journalist Murat Ağırel, who shared the images of those moments on his social media account, said:

“A Haber reporter wants to interview the person who votes abroad. When he hands a microphone to the person he thinks is Turkish, he is actually documenting who determines our destiny.”


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