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What will the weather be like at home this week?

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According to the information received from Meteorology, precipitation will be seen throughout the country in the new week. Temperatures will be above seasonal normals in the eastern parts.

ANKARA (IGFA) – According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology, after noon today (except Bursa and Bilecik) Marmara, south and east of Central Anatolia, Lakes Region, inner parts of the Black Sea (excluding Gümüşhane and Bayburt) ), Çankırı and It is claimed that around Hakkari and the northern districts of Ankara, local showers and thunderstorms will be rainy, while other places will be less cloudy and clear.

Precipitation is expected to be strong around Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ starting from the morning hours.

It is assumed that the air temperatures will be above the seasonal normals in the eastern regions and around the seasonal normals in other places.

On Tuesday, thunderstorms will be effective in Marmara, Central Anatolia, Mediterranean, Western and Eastern Black Sea and inner parts of the Aegean. Moderate and slightly cloudy weather is expected in the remaining parts.

On Wednesday, showers and thunderstorms are expected to be effective in the whole of Marmara, Black Sea and Central Anatolia, the interior parts of the Mediterranean and Aegean, and the west of Eastern Anatolia.

Thunderstorms are expected on Thursday in Marmara (excluding Istanbul), the interior of the Aegean and Western Mediterranean, the central and eastern Black Sea and the interior of the Western Black Sea, and the north of Eastern Anatolia.

On Friday, the whole of the Marmara and Black Sea Region, the north of Aegean and Eastern Anatolia, the north of the east and west of Central Anatolia will be affected by thunderstorms, and the northern sections of the east and west of the Mediterranean will be affected by thunderstorms.

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