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What causes eye twitching, how does it go?

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Eye twitching is caused by a problem with the eye muscles, even though it has different meanings in public. Since eye twitching is experienced by many, it is not seen as a problem by more than one person. However, eye twitching is a health issue related to eye muscles. It is not known at what intervals spasms in the eye muscles occur.


Eye twitching, medically known as myokymia, is a health problem related to the eye muscles. Eye twitching is caused by involuntary spasms of the muscles called the orbicularis oculi that control the eyelids. When eye twitching is experienced severely, it affects the person’s life negatively. Eye twitching, which is described by the patients as the retraction of the eyelid, can be seen both right and left at the same time. There is no pain and pain during eye twitching. Eye twitching passes naturally more than once.


Since eye twitches are mostly short-term, individuals do not consult a doctor and the exact cause of twitching cannot be determined.

the exact cause of eye witching is unknown, although it may rarely occur as a symptom of diseases. Eye twitching can be seen only on the left or only on the right, as well as on both likes.

The most important causes of eye twitching are:




-Excessive caffeine consumption

-Dry eye

-Eyelid strain

-Corneal scratches

-Eye infections

-Long exposure to bright light

-Side effect of some drugs

-Vitamin D deficiency

-Smoking and alcohol consumption

-Magnesium deficiency

Some eye diseases also cause twitching Since it is in the middle of the factors, eye examination should definitely be passed in order to prevent eye twitching.


Eye twitching usually goes away naturally. However, if eye twitching lasts longer than 2 weeks, an ophthalmologist should be consulted. In rare cases, eye twitching can be a symptom of brain and border system disorders.

For the eye twitch to go away, the cause of the eye twitch must be determined.


The factors that cause eye twitching are more than once related to the person’s life style. Once the cause of eye twitching has been found, it is easier to determine what is good for eye twitching.

Avoiding excessive caffeine consumption, regular sleep, avoidance of tension, relaxation and stretching movements, applying warm compresses to the eye are applications that will be sufficient for eye twitching. If the cause of eye twitching is to be exposed to computer light for a long time, it may be necessary not to stay in front of the computer for a long time or to use relaxing glasses with the advice of a doctor.

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