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Welding employment gap is closing

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The welding course opened by Çorum Municipality for the shortage of welding personnel trained in Çorum Industry continues with heavy theoretical and practical training.

ÇORUM (İGFA) – Deputy Leader of the Municipality İsmail Yağbat, who stated that they opened a welding course within Çorum Municipality Vocational and Business Center, after they determined that there was a problem in finding welders trained in the industry in line with the interviews with the branch representatives, “We have come to the end of the first week of the course. This week has been very productive for our trainees. With the hard work of our teachers and the determination of our trainees, we will train qualified welders who are The point to focus on here: Our Municipality Leader Dr. One of Halil İbrahim Aşgın’s vision projects, Çokiş’s employment of 1657 people since its inauguration, once again reveals the value of Çokiş for our city.”

Menderes Öner, who said that she made the most real decision by participating in this course opened within the body of Çorum Municipality Vocational and Business Center, said, “I feel that the theoretical and practical lessons we do every day add to us. I would like to thank everyone, especially our Municipality Leader, who provided these opportunities.”

Trainee Kenan Ödemiş, who stated that they started to apply what they learned in the course they had been going for a week, in practice, and Mayor of the Municipality Dr. He thanked Halil İbrahim Aşgın, ÇİŞİŞ employees and teachers for their contribution to him.

Metal Works Teacher Mustafa Saral, who stated that they gave MIG MAG welding training, which is the most widely used in the industry today and where qualified personnel to be employed, are given in the Welding course opened within ÇİCUİŞ, said, “We provide theoretically and practical trainings. Among the trainees who start here, there are people who are very far from this type of source at first, but over time, they become able to apply MIG MAG welding together with what they have learned and their own talent. Our Municipality Leader, Dr. I would like to thank Halil İbrahim Aşgın,” he said.

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