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“We Talk When Face to Face” storm blew in Bursa

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The International Bursa Festival, organized on behalf of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by the Bursa Culture, Arts and Tourism Foundation (BKSTV), with the support of the Ministry of Culture and with the main sponsorship of the Shooting Companies Cluster, stormed “We Talk When Face to Face”.

BURSA (IGFA) – Before the concert, event sponsor Erikli Corporate Liaison Officer Mehmet Yavuz and Shooting Companies Cluster Executive Committee Leader Ahmet Atış presented a special festive plaque to the cluster members. The most shining group of Turkish alternative rock music in recent times, “We Talk When We Are Faced”, took the Open Air Theater by storm with their excellent music. The group, which started its concert with the popular part “Kadıköy Kızı”, was met with great applause. The group, which got on the radar of the Z generation with their music forms they call indie-folk, sang their music, which young people kept on their tongues, for their fans from Bursa.

The band, which took the stage to sell out almost at the Kültürpark Open Air Theater, sang the most famous song of the last period, “Just because you exist”, together with thousands of fans. Accompanying the group with telephone lights, the young people had a visual feast at the Open Air Theatre. The group, which expanded its fan base with the “Give back my youth” music, which was written and composed by Kaan Bosniak, a few months ago, after the “My last call” and “I’m here” sections they released after the pandemic, stayed on the stage for about 3 hours.

The audience, mostly young people, watched the band standing up throughout the concert. At the end of the great night, the group of fans bid farewell with applause and cheers.

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