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Waste import debate: Is Turkey Europe’s dumpster?

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The European Statistical Institute announced the 10 countries that import the most waste.

Turkey ranked first in the world with 14.7 million tons of waste import, leaving behind Egypt and India.

This situation brought criticisms. Some users commented on social media that Turkey is Europe’s garbage dump.

Turkish Plastics Industrialists’ Foundation Leader Yavuz Eroğlu evaluated the report of the European Statistical Institute to NTV. Eroğlu drew attention to the fact that the waste received in response to criticism is the raw material of the industry.

Eroğlu said, “When we go into the content, we see that a large part of it is iron and steel scraps. These are melted in the furnaces we call arc furnaces and the construction iron that we make our dwellings in is melted and many materials are melted back into the economy”

President Eroğlu, Turkey He stated that the recycling rate should be increased.

Yavuz Eroğlu said that work is being done to start the deposit return system for consumers.

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