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Warning from Lebanon to Israel: We will not allow violations

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Lebanese Defense Minister Maurice Selim made a written statement after a drilling ship belonging to the UK-based Energean company came to the region to extract natural gas on behalf of the Tel Aviv administration in the disputed sea area between Lebanon and Israel.

Maurice Selim stated that Israel’s activities in the disputed region amount to a provocation against Lebanon and a clear threat to the stability in the south of the country.

Selim said that Israel was chasing a “fairy tale” on the Lebanese border, thus disrupting the work carried out for the resumption of the maritime border negotiations, in which the United States assumed the role of middle finder.

Selim also made an invitation to the UN and the international community to take action to prevent a security issue that would affect the stability in the region in the south of Lebanon.


Between Lebanon and Israel, there is a sea area dispute of about 860 square kilometers. The Lebanese negotiation team, on the other hand, says the disputed area is 2,290 kilometers.

Both countries claim rights on the continental shelf of this region. Israel claims that three of the five blocks with which the Lebanese government began the licensing process are located in the border zone of the Israeli continental shelf. Israel also continues its occupation of Sheba Farms and some other regions along the 87-kilometer-long land border of Lebanon.

In October 2020, indirect negotiations started between Lebanon and Israel with the US mediation and under the auspices of the United Nations (UN), the last of which was held in May 2021. No further negotiations have taken place since then.

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