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Warning for rising air temperature in the USA: It will affect 100 million people

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The National Weather Service predicted that temperatures could hit records in more than 100 cities in the central region of the country by Wednesday, affecting nearly 100 million people living in the region.

In the news in the US press, the term “dangerously hot conditions” was used for temperatures reaching 45 degrees in places, and especially the elderly section of the country’s population was asked to take precautions.

It was pointed out that the rapidly rising temperatures could cause a severe storm in the middle regions of the USA on the first days of the week, and even turn into a hurricane in the Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburg regions.

It was pointed out that the heat wave, which is moving towards the east, will continue its effect throughout the next week, and the temperatures will last longer than the seasonal normals due to human-induced climate change.

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