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War preparation from Belarus

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The Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced that the armed forces have begun a sudden and large-scale exercise today.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, it was reported that the armed forces started a large-scale and sudden exercise to test their combat readiness.

Stating that the exercise does not threaten neighboring countries and European society, the ministry said, “The war readiness test is planned to include the movement of a valuable number of military vehicles that can slow traffic on public roads. Ongoing activities are one of the most effective forms of soldier training and as a whole It does not pose a random threat either to the European society or especially to neighboring countries,” he said.

A statement came from Kyiv after the Belarusian army started a sudden exercise today. Noting that Ukraine is ready for this situation if Belarus enters the war on the side of Russia, Ukrainian State Border Organization Spokesperson Andriy Demchenko said, “It is not clear that the Russian Federation may use Belarusian lands and the Belarusian Armed Forces against Ukraine at some point. That’s why we’re ready,” he said.

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