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‘Vitamin D’ advice against dental caries

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The use of vitamin D, which has become an even more valuable issue in life with the coronavirus epidemic, has a valuable place in the prevention of dental caries. Assoc. Dr. Fatima Betül Baştürk gave information about how to prevent the formation of caries in the teeth and how to maintain oral health with the use of vitamin D.

Basturk said:

“The formation of dental caries depends on many variables, from the diet of the person to the quality of his saliva. Vitamin D, which is very valuable for human health, also plays an active role in dealing with many health problems. Oral care is also not sufficient in individuals with low vitamin D costs, various gum and dental disorders Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women also increases the susceptibility to caries due to insufficient production of enamel tissue in children in the future.


“With the Covid-19 epidemic in recent years, we have started to hear the name of vitamin D more,” said Baştürk, “Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Deficiency is also common in our country. Expectant mothers who have vitamin D deficiency should not despair quickly. Top ten in vitamin D supplementation. Three years of age is very valuable, and a sufficient level of vitamin D in the first 13 years of life reduces the risk of caries by 47 percent.

Stating that the incidence of gingival and peri-implant diseases increases due to vitamin D deficiency after the age of 13, Baştürk stated that vitamin D values ​​should be measured at systematic intervals and that it is valuable to get support under medical supervision if necessary .

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