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Visit to Esat Öztürk from KickBoxing champion

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Esat Öztürk, Mayor of Yahyalı, Kayseri, KickBoxing Turkey Winner and MuayThai World 3rd.’ Gülden Mercan accepted Atille in her office.

Gülden Atille was accompanied by her husband KickBoxing National Staff Trainer Bilal Atille and District National Education Manager Ahmet Başlı at the reception, which took place at the mayor’s office of Yahyalı Municipality of Kayseri.

Yahyalı Municipality Leader Esat Öztürk, who congratulated sportsman Gülden Mercan Atille for her success at the reception; “Today, we are hosting a Turkish, European and World Cup Champion athlete in our municipality. I sincerely thank our teacher Gülden, the pride of our province, district and national education community, on behalf of our district, province and country. They say skill is complimented. As long as the champion is from our district, province and country. Let the crescent and star fly our flag proudly. Honestly, it means the world to us. Our teacher made us proud in every championship he participated in. We would also like to thank our District National Education Director for all his help to our athlete. I also congratulate our teacher Bilal, who became the national team coach two months ago. I wish him well. We will have golden treats as a gift from a shepherd of pine gum to our teacher Gülden,” he said.

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