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Visit from AK Party Human Rights Committee to IGC

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Adiyaman Ak Party Deputy Provincial Leader in charge of human rights Gülendam Çelik, AK Party Deputy Women’s Branch Deputy Leader and Human Rights Board Leader Hasret Şahin visited Emrah Tuluk, one of the Ak Party Youth branches.

ADIYAMAN IGFA- During the visit, in which Adıyaman Internet Journalists Association Leader Mehmet Cihan Akbilek and the administrative council were present, ideas were exchanged on the issues and analysis of the city.

During the visit, Deputy Leader of AK Party Women’s Branch and Human Rights Committee Leader Hasret Şahin made a statement; “We will visit our headquarters, our institutions, our members of the press, take note of the city’s issues one by one, and convey them to the relevant Ministries at the meeting to be held in Ankara in the coming days,” he said.

Adiyaman IGC Leader Mehmet Cihan Akbilek, who expressed his satisfaction with the visit; “We shared the problems and sorrows of our city with our esteemed leaders, we received words from them on the point of analysis, I would like to thank the name of myself and my administrative committee for their kind visit,” he said.

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