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Virtual media breakthrough from Kayseri

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Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Under the chairmanship of Memduh Büyükkılıç, it carries out its activities in the fields of infrastructure, zoning and social municipality, and continues its service in the virtual environment. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality Smart City Kayseri application, which provides services from smart phones, was downloaded to phones by 83 thousand 500 people.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues to offer the possibilities of technology to the people of Kayseri. In this context, the “Smart City Kayseri Application”, which has been constantly developed and updated by the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented projects related to smart urbanism one by one and integrated Kayseri with technology in the sense of ‘smart urbanism’, has been serving 43 thousand 700 androids, 39 thousand 800 Also installed by iOS-based smartphones.


Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its services to citizens from smart phones without interruption. In the Smart City Kayseri Application, the highest number of services until this time was in the direction of the on-duty pharmacy notification. While the pharmacy on duty was the most information received by the citizens in the application, it was followed by the portable map, city cameras, White Desk, City Information System and mukhtar information.


The Smart City Kayseri Application, which is designed for smart phones, the use of which is increasing day by day, and which allows the services of the Metropolitan Municipality to be performed in the virtual environment, provides easy access to the services of the Metropolitan Municipality . In this context, while the closest and on-duty pharmacies are notified to the user with search and voice search functions, white desk services, death announcements, culture and art activities, address search in the City Information System, reaching points such as hospitals, historical artifacts, notary public, ATMs and parking lots. With the opportunity of transportation to the city cameras, the service is offered. With the Smart City Kayseri Application, information such as headman information, projects, news, zoning plan changes and maps can be easily accessed.

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