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VIOP 30 index

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We expect a buyer’s opening in the VIOP 30 Index contract.

VIOP 30 Index June contract, traded in the price range of 2.733 – 2.873 on the previous trading day, closing the day at the settlement price of 2.792. The number of open positions in the contract increased by 2,772 to 507,192 contracts.

In the VIOP 30 Index contract, moving near the 2.860 level, where the 60-minute HO passed, will increase the buying trend in the short term. On the downside, it is necessary to break the 2,730 reinforcement level in order to continue the short-term decline. In the short term, 2.840 and 2.870 levels appear as valuable resistance in the upper direction. On the downside, 2,760 and 2,730 levels will be followed as a valuable reinforcement point.

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