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Vehicle charging license from EMRA to Sharz!

0 28, while continuing its investments without slowing down, became one of the first 10 companies to receive the vehicle charging operator license by the Power Market Regulatory Authority EMRA.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Ayşe Ece Şengönül, General Coordinator of, who has achieved the title of the first charging operator company to adopt kWs in accordance with the Charging Legislation, which has recently started to be implemented, said that in order for Turkey to be among the countries that will be the pioneers in the world of electric vehicles, 3 He said they have been working day and night for years.

Şengönül said, “We provide all kinds of reinforcements to the public, private sector and drivers,” and added, “We received our license number 10 from EMRA. We have invested 20 million TL in our country so far, providing a valuable added value to the sector. We have done valuable work with 4 other charging network operators to contribute to being one of the leading countries in the era of electric vehicles, and we are proud to see that these efforts have achieved successful results.As EVS company, we are a charging network operator with the Sharz brand, apart from obtaining a license to be a charging network operator We make the investors who want to use our charging operating system software and we cooperate with these companies from start to finish,” he said.

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