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Valuable climate change indicators hit their highest levels in 2021

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) shared information on the rates of greenhouse gas compression, sea level rise, ocean temperature and ocean acidification last year in its 2021 Global Climate Report.

In the report, it was stated that these 4 climate change indicators in the world reached their highest levels since 1850-1900 before the industrial era.

In the report, which repeats that the last 7 years have been the hottest 7 years since the pre-industrial period, it was noted that the La Nina climate event was effective in the high global temperature last year.

WMO Secretary General Petteri Taals, whose terms are included in the report, warned that the global temperature level may rise above the last 7 years in the coming years, and said, “Our climate is changing before our eyes. The temperature caused by human-induced greenhouse gas emissions will warm our planet for generations. ” used the term.

Taals emphasized that sea level height, ocean temperature and acidification will continue for centuries unless unnecessary carbon emissions are stopped.

In the report published by the organization at the beginning of the year, it was determined that the average global temperature recorded in 2021 was 1.11 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature of 1850-1900 before the industrial period.

In the Greenhouse Gas Bulletin published last year, the concentration of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gas types, reached 413.2 parts per million in 2020, and this rate was recorded as the highest annual increase since 2011, as well as before the industrial segment. It was stated that it was 149 percent higher.

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