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USA’s China scenario: Which points will be aimed in a possible conflict?

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Commander of the US Marine Corps, General David Berger, said that if they enter into a possible conflict, the command, control system and logistics elements of the Chinese army will be the primary objective, and they expect China to turn to exemplary options.

Speaking at the Washington-based Hudson Institute, General Berger evaluated the new combat doctrine and force design of the US Marine Corps.

Noting that logistics is now as critical as intelligence, Berger said that logistics has become the first issue in operation planning.

Berger noted that they saw very clearly in the Russia-Ukraine war that information on the battlefield is extremely critical as well as logistics.

Answering the question of what to do to ensure the resistance of the US forces when they come face to face with a country like China, Berger said, “At first, we will aim for the soft spots. And this, as you will argue, is both the logistics elements and the command and control mechanism.” he said he.

The US commander also said that in the last 20 years, China has been working on how to weaken the US army’s command and control system because he knows that the US military values ​​command and control in operations.

“If there is a conflict, they will also take aim at our command and control system,” Berger said. he said.

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