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US trial base in Saudi Arabia

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While the US is reducing its conventional military presence in the Middle East, it is working to establish a more innovative and advanced technology-oriented presence in the region.

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) Command confirmed that it is working on establishing a center in Saudi Arabia with the aim of testing innovative military technologies.

CENTCOM Spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel David Eastburn, said: “The ‘Red Sands Test Center’, which is still in the conceptual phase of development, is an innovative approach to training and combat readiness amid the US and Middle East partners. used the term.

Eastburn stated that the vision of this test center is “to test a wide range of different capabilities for interoperability of the US and its partners in the region and to counter different unmanned aerial systems.”

Noting that this concept is part of CENTCOM’s search for innovative ways to continue its current strategic partnerships in the region, Eastburn said that this center and similar future ideas are an example of US cooperation with its partners in the region.

Speaking on the subject, a military official said that the idea of ​​this test center is at a very early stage and there are no specific details about the center now.

Noting that the issue of defense against unmanned aerial systems is a common interest of many countries in the region, the official stated that this center will create an area of ​​cooperation in this regard in the region.

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