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US to deploy new permanent troops to Europe

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A valuable step has come from the United States as the NATO hill in Madrid continues. The US Department of Defense has announced new permanent deployments to many countries in Europe, including Poland, Romania and the Baltic states.

The Pentagon shared the details of the new steps on the topic of speech after the US Leader Joe Biden’s statement on long-term deployments to support European security at the NATO Summit in Madrid.

In the document released by the Pentagon, it was stated that the US will permanently deploy the 5th Corps Headquarters outpost, a Land Forces garrison headquarters and a field reinforcement battalion to Poland.

“The first permanent US forces on NATO’s eastern flank, these forces will enhance our command and control capabilities, interoperability with NATO, and the management of pre-positioned equipment. This action builds on Poland’s central role in supporting NATO’s deterrence and defensive posture in war ,” the document said. built.” word was used.

It was noted in the document that the USA will also continue its current discontinuous deployment, including an armored combat brigade and an air brigade, in this country, while a combat brigade will be deployed alternately in Romania, thus an additional brigade will be deployed on the eastern flank.

In the Baltic region, alternating deployments of armored units, air, air defense and special operations forces will continue to strengthen the region’s security, improve interoperability, and demonstrate the resilience and combat readiness of US forces, the document said.

In addition, it was stated that the USA is working with the Spanish administration to increase the number of destroyers stationed in Spain from four to six.

The document also stated that Britain will continue to support Europe by deploying two F-35 squadrons to the Lakenheath base.

It was noted in the document that the USA will establish an air defense artillery brigade headquarters, a short-range air defense battalion, a combat support battalion headquarters and an engineer brigade headquarters in Germany, and will send a total of 625 additional military workers to this country.

In the Pentagon document, it was also stated that the USA will send a short-range air defense battery to Italy and this battery will be the sub-unit of the short-range air defense battalion deployed by the Ministry in Germany.

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