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US President Biden’s ‘monkey flower’ statement: ‘Everyone should be worried’

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US Leader Joe Biden made an assessment of the monkeypox virus in a statement to the press at Osan Air Base in South Korea.

Stating that he has not been informed about the extent of the virus’s spread, Biden noted that it is still “something to worry about” for everyone.

Biden stated that effective vaccine studies have started against the virus.

On May 19, the New York Department of Health announced that the monkeypox virus, which is rarely seen outside of Africa and can cause flu-like symptoms, was found in an individual for the first time in the late state.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed 80 cases of monkeypox so far, 50 cases are now being investigated.

Monkey pox, known as one of the few diseases caused by an endemic virus, is divided into two as Congo and West African varieties.

It is known that the Congo variant of the virus has a mortality risk of up to 10 percent, while the West African variety has a death rate of 1 percent in one of every 2 incidents.

The virus, which is generally transmitted from animal to human and rarely from human to human contact, can cause high fever and itchy blisters in the body.

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