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US Leader Joe Biden caught on his instructions

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The list of instructions given to US Leader Joe Biden has been displayed.

Biden, 79, met with the governor, labor presidents and private company representatives in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

In addition to his statements at the meeting, the paper module in Biden’s hand drew all the attention.

It turns out that everything Biden had to do was written down one by one in this ‘instruction list’.

The instructions were as follows;

*You will enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to the attendees.

*You will sit down.

*Members of the press will come.

*You will give a briefing for 2 minutes.

*Members of the press will leave the room.

*You will ask a question to Liz Schuler. (Reminder: Liz will attend the meeting online)

*You will thank the participants.

* You will thank the participants and leave the room.

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