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US: Iran will not be able to acquire nuclear weapons even without treaty

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US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price made a statement by referring to the negotiations with Iran to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (OKEP) agreement for the Iranian nuclear program, which continues indirectly in Vienna and from which the US withdrew in 2018.

Spokesperson Ned Price announced that it is unclear whether they will reach an agreement with Iran as a result of the ongoing talks in Vienna and that they are preparing for a scenario where there is no agreement on Iran’s nuclear program .

Price said, “The truth is that we have made valuable progress in the context of the P5+1 (five permanent members of the UN and Germany) in Vienna in recent months, but of course we have not been able to complete the treaty and it is uncertain whether we will complete it and it remains uncertain.” .


Ned Price pointed out that they are continuing their talks with the European allies and said that they are preparing for both scenarios with and without the agreement, Since the mutual return to OKEP is unknown.

Price said, “We are preparing with our allies and partners for a scenario where there is no OCAP and we will have to resort to other tactics and other approaches that will do its job for us. Leader Biden has made it clear that Iran will never, ever be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon, OCAP or not,” he said.

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