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US freezes $30 billion assets of Russian oligarchs

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The US Treasury Department reported that assets worth $30 billion were frozen for Russian oligarchs, who were sanctioned after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

In a statement made by the ministry, it was stated that the Power of Duty of Russian Elites, Proxies and Oligarchs (REPO) uses multilateral compliance to block or freeze the assets of sanctioned Russians and greatly restrict their access to the financial system.

In the statement, it was noted that 30 billion dollars of assets related to the sanctioned Russian oligarchs were blocked or frozen in the first 100 days of the REPO Mission Force’s operation.

In the statement, which stated that the assets of the Central Bank of Russia of approximately 300 billion dollars were frozen, it was reported that yachts and luxury real estate owned by the sanctioned Russians were also confiscated.

In the statement, it was stated that by restricting Russia’s access to the global financial system, it was difficult for Russia to supply the necessary technology to continue its “unjust” war in Ukraine, “We continue to increase the cost of the war to Russia ” word was used.

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