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Unity invitation from ÂLA Party Member Uyur

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Mehmet Ali Sleepr, businessperson from the BEAUTIFUL Party, who made an invitation to unity and solidarity, said, “Let’s produce a solution. The country is currently under occupation,” he said.

ANKARA (IGFA) – UYGUN Party businessperson Mehmet Ali Sleepr addressed the party members with the image he shared on his social media account. Emphasizing unity and solidarity, Sleepr said that the 13th president will be chosen by the Nation Alliance.

Emphasizing that Turkey has different active structures, but unity should be ensured, Uyur said, “I am a Laz as much as I am an Alevi. The more Laz I am, the more Circassian I am, the more Circassian I am, the more Abaza I am. I am a child of this country. Everyone who is a child of this country should think this way. We have to be together, we have to be together. With its Alevi, Sunni, Kurdish, Laz, Circassian… We must be one. Together we will defend our own country. We will be one and, by Allah’s leave, in the footsteps of our General Leader, we will elect the 13th President. By Allah’s leave, Meral Akşener will be the new prime minister of the Republic of Turkey.”

“Let’s Create Solutions”

Indicating that the country is under occupation, Uyur said, “We will all be united with the spirit of the Kuva-i Nationala in the past, with the spirit of Çanakkale, as it was in the War of Independence. We will end this cruel reign. The country has been plundered or plundered. Today, Istanbul Airport has been sold… Who knows? Nobody knows… Atatürk Airport, why are you destroying it? It is also a very pleasant place to use. ‘The people’s garden.’ Either this country does not need a nation’s garden, this country needs production, it needs agriculture, it needs work so that young people can prepare for tomorrow and take care of their country. Let’s put them into language, let’s produce an analysis for it. The country is currently under occupation,” he said.

“We Will Touch Every Human Being”

Pointing out that as the GUZEL Party, they have to touch every human being, Sleepr said, “We will go to every human being, we will touch every human being, because humans are waiting for this. A friend of mine from Batman, who came to my house today and makes the television, wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell him, – maybe there is – he just says ‘There is an economic problem’. I explained the details. I explained that we acted together in this effort under the leadership of our Honorable General Leader. Because I told him this, he believed me and joined the party. We need to tell everyone,” he said.

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