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UN approval for GEA Search and Rescue

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ISTANBUL (IGFA) – On the 100th anniversary of the August 30 Victory, Turkey has become the country with the highest number of accredited groups in the field of search and rescue in the world by the United Nations.

GEA Search and Rescue Group, which was founded by volunteers and has helped people in more than 50 national and international disasters since 1994, has also been approved by the United Nations (UN).

GEA, which successfully completed the light and fast search and rescue teams accreditation process newly created by the UN, received its certificate on 30 August at a ceremony attended by AFAD and UN officials.

GEA became one of the first UN-approved search and rescue groups in the world in the ‘Light and Fast Search and Rescue Team’ class.

At the same time, Turkey, with 4 Teams (AFAD Istanbul and Ankara, AKUT and GEA), became the country with the highest number of groups classified by the UN in the world.

GEA Search and Rescue Group Coordinator Umut Dinçşahin, in his speech at the award ceremony, said that it has a different value for us to carry out the exercise, which has been embodied in the UN’s Light and Fast Search and Rescue Group classification for 28 years , with the harmony and valuable reinforcement of AFAD.

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