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Ümit Besen and Pamela shared the stage one-on-one

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Ümit Besen and Pamela, who won the love of everyone, big and small, gave a musical feast to the people of the Capital.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Ümit Besen and Pamela winds blew at ANKAmall; audience experienced unforgettable moments. The artists, who always sing their most pleasant music in unison, met with the heavy attention and love of the people of Ankara.

Besen, who gave the people of the Capital an evening full of music with her unique voice and unforgettable music, said, “We are about 40 years old friends, we are like family now,” and sang the music that everyone likes, such as Invite Me to Your Wedding, My Love, Wet Wipes, and Wish Stone, together with the people of the Capital.

Pamela, who impresses with her stage performance and sings pleasant music such as Istanbul, Ağla Halime and Ararim, stated that she is from Ankara and said, “I am Ankara, I am the people of Ankara… I studied high school and university here, I love coming to Ankara.”

At the end of the program, the two artists, who made a duet together, gave the audience an evening with the taste of a feast with their music, “Is My Life Enough To Forget You”, “Getting Used Is More Powerful Than Loving “, “You Have Throne In My Heart”.

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