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Ukraine war: Britain will send long-range missiles to Kyiv

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Getty Images The United States has announced that it will send advanced medium-range HIMARS rockets to Ukraine, provided that there is no attack on Russian soil.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced that they will send their first long-range missiles to Ukraine. Wallace stated that the M270 rocket system will be active in Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

The UK government did not specify how many missiles would be sent to Ukraine. However, according to the information obtained by the BBC, three missiles are planned to be sent in the first stage.

The UK’s decision follows the US announcement last week that it will send missile systems to Ukraine.

The statement of the USA was met with a reaction by Moscow and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced that if the Western countries continue to provide weapons to Kyiv, they will aim more in Ukraine.

The British government stated that they will train the Ukrainian army in the coming weeks on how to use the missile system they have supplied.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said London was taking a leading role in providing Ukraine with “the weapons they need to defend their country from an invasion without cause”.

“As Russia’s tactics change, we must diversify our reinforcements to Ukraine. These highly capable missile systems will more adequately protect our Ukrainian friends against the long-range missiles that Putin uses indiscriminately to level cities,” Wallace said.

The BBC’s defense correspondent, Jonathan Beale, says that the UK and the US are already among the leading countries in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but the supply of long-range missiles is still a valuable development.

Beale states that this decision also points to Ukraine’s difficulty in defending itself against the Russian army.

The missile system to be provided by the UK to Ukraine can fire 12 surface-to-ground missiles in a minute and can target targets within a range of 80 kilometers.

These missiles are similar to the M142 missile systems that the US says it will supply to Ukraine.

Washington announced last week that they would start supplying these missiles to Ukraine, provided that they are used for defensive purposes and not aimed at Russian territory.

Britain also makes it a rule that the weapons it will provide to Ukraine are only used for defensive purposes.


After Kyiv was attacked by rockets for the first time in weeks, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin announced that if Western countries continue to provide weapons to Kyiv, they will aim more space in Ukraine.

While Russia announced that the tanks sent by European countries were targeted, Ukraine stated that the place of attack was a railway repair factory.

Russia has focused on occupying the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine in the last period.

A Ukrainian soldier at the front in Donbas, Reuters

While the Russian army advanced slowly there, some Western countries continued to send weapons to the rest of Ukraine.

Finally, the USA announced that it would send a high precision rocket system called HIMARS to Ukraine with a range of 70 kilometers.

Germany, on the other hand, announced that each of the Iris-Ts, the most advanced air defense systems it will send to Ukraine, can protect a Ukrainian city from Russian air attacks.

“Arms aid to Ukraine has only one aim: to prolong the armed conflict as much as possible,” Vladimir Putin said in an interview broadcast on Russian state television on Sunday.

“If they send long-range weapons, we’ll draw the necessary conclusions from that and launch raids where we’re not aiming now.”

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