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Two-thirds of direct marketing activities are in the hands of women!

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Digitization, which gained momentum in the pandemic, has gradually expanded the direct marketing (network marketing) activities that eliminate the intermediary systems between the product provider and the end consumer.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), global network marketing sales increased by 3.3% in 2021 to reach $186.1 billion. There are 3 million 700 thousand people registered with the Ministry of Commerce in the field of network marketing in Turkey. Using the mask of network marketing, which has matured as a business model that provides additional income to women in our country, fraudsters can trap thousands of people by promising high income in a short time.

Pointing out that structures such as the Ponzi scheme or ponzi, which claims that they operate with a network marketing business model, are about making money the easy way, Legal Counsel Hakan Okuducu said, “With a history of more than 30 years in our country , network marketing has become a hot topic in recent years. . Under the mask of network marketing, the number of scammers is increasing, bringing people who dream of being strong into structures such as the chain of happiness and titan. This kind of structuring, which is based on the pure interest model of network marketing, can make millions of lira defeats and disappear by taking away people’s years of hard work. These structures, which focus on the income obtained from the number of registered people, not from the sale of a random work, have no place in commerce. Don’t fall into the trap of scammers who promise high income using network marketing!” he warned.


Noting that network marketing, which has become controversial with increasing fraud incidents, supports women’s participation in the workforce, Legal Counsel Hakan Okuducu said, “According to the studies of DOSATEM (New Generation Direct Sales Representatives and Entrepreneurs Association), 3 million 300 thousand people registered in network marketing are only 2 million. 400 thousand of them are actually serving. Although the accelerated digital transformation in the pandemic paved the way for network marketing, the targeted position could not be reached now. 67% of those operating in network marketing in our country are women.There are 15 network marketing companies, companies and 188 million networkers who are ambassadors in the middle of the current and potential target audience in 28 countries around the world. Europe has a 40-year history in network marketing. , which has matured by earning income for the women of residence in our country, is actively used by the health and beauty industry in particular.


Pointing out that there is a great perception pollution in network marketing due to the increasing fraud incidents in Turkey, Legal Counsel Hakan Okuducu said, “As the founders of the network marketing business model could not organize until this time, the fraudsters also took advantage of this gap. Companies and entrepreneurs operating in this field need to come together and form a union of forces. This business model can be made into a department in our country with the development movement to be started in many areas, from the protection of the commercial rights of network marketing representatives to the training of networkers operating as entrepreneurs and the maturation of new development areas. In this way, it can be removed from the radar of fraudsters by bringing it to an international standard.”

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