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TURKSTAT announced inflation: How much increase will civil servants and retirees receive?

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Civil servants and civil servant retirees receive increased salaries twice a year. The increase rates are determined in advance according to the collective agreement and if there is a difference due to inflation in the past 6 months, it is reflected in the salary increase. With the announcement of the inflation figures for April, an increase expectation has already arisen for civil servants, retired civil servants and SSK retirees.

According to the news on NTV; civil servants and retired civil servants will receive a 7 percent collective contract increase in July. Based on four-month inflation, there has already been an inflation difference of 24.71 percent for civil servants and civil servants retirees. With the inflation data in May and June, the final ratio of the increase difference will become clear.

SSK retirees also receive an increase in their salaries equal to 6 months of inflation. As of four months, this number has already reached 31.71 percent. The increase rate that retirees will receive will become clear in July.

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