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Turkish professor impressed in England

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Speaking at the Trust London UK and Turkey Medical Tourism Fair held in London, one of the youngest IVF Professors in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner’s speech attracted great attention.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Turkey’s leading hospitals and healthcare organizations, close to 15, participated in the Trust London United Kingdom and Turkey Medical Tourism Fair. Many Turkish companies operating in the field of medical tourism such as hospitals, dental clinics, IVF clinics, hair transplant centers, aesthetic clinics and thermal tourism centers took part in the fair held in London.

Attending the fair from Kayseri System Hospital, Turkey’s youngest associate professor at the age of 33 in her field, Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner’s talk on ‘The Future of IVF-The Future of IVF’ attracted great attention. prof. Öner made a presentation about the latest developments in in vitro fertilization in Turkey and around the world, the latest technologies and the work he has done for himself, to the participants. His work on artificial intelligence marked his presentation.

prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner in his speech; “When our patients come, they are first evaluated and individual treatment protocols are prepared according to drug doses, egg number, hormone costs, age, weight and additional diseases. In men, sperm selection is made by microchip and IMSI technique. Then the embryos are consumed on the 5th day embryo that brings pregnancy. If necessary, genetic diagnosis is made. With the artificial intelligence formula, the best quality embryo is selected and the uterus is prepared in the most appropriate way for embryo retention compared to hormone levels. The success of in vitro fertilization increased day by day with the help of freezing-thawing embryo techniques, heat-sensitive microscopy, and culture media imitating the mother’s womb in the best possible way. In other words, by choosing the best quality embryo with the closest genetic structure to the usual with artificial intelligence, both pregnancy is achieved in the first transfer and the pregnancy obtained with in vitro fertilization is ensured to continue in a healthy manner.

One of the youngest IVF Professors in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner’s speech was applauded for minutes.

All the participating doctors said that it was an excellent presentation and after the presentation Dr. They came to Suggest and got information about the works.

pf. Dr. He received the plaque given to Gökalp Öner for his work and his presentation at this event from Tarık Sönmez, representing the Turkish Embassy.

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