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Turkey’s fourth drilling ship arrives in Mersin

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The ship, which departed from Okpo Port in South Korea on 7 March, came to the shore of the port in Silifke district in the morning.

The ship, which is 238 meters long and 42 meters wide, equipped with the seventh generation advanced technology, will dock at the port after the processes.

With a tower height of 104 meters and an effective positioning system, the ship, with a crew of 200, will stay in the port for approximately 2 months for the preparation process for drilling for inspections and painting work.

The ship, which can drill at a depth of 12,200 meters, will be the fourth ship to join the hydrocarbon-seeking fleet after Fatih, Legal and Yavuz.

Currently using the name “Cobalt Explorer”, the first mission location of the ship is expected to be the Eastern Mediterranean.

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