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Turkey statement from the USA: Security bills can be met

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Sullivan appeared before journalists in the White House press room to price Biden’s visits to South Korea and Japan, which will begin tomorrow.

Stating that the visit in question was Biden’s first visit to the Asia Pacific region during his presidency, Sullivan also evaluated Sweden and Finland’s application for NATO membership.

Sullivan stated that Sweden and Finland’s candidacy applications are of “historical importance” and underlined that the countries in question have fully supported their membership.


Evaluating Turkey’s attitude towards Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership, Sullivan said, “At the end of the day, Finland and Sweden can reach NATO effectively and Turkey’s concerns can be overcome. We believe you can afford it.”

Sullivan stated that Finland and Sweden are in direct contact with Turkey on this issue and said, “We are also meeting with the Turks to facilitate this process at the same time. I met with my own colleague today, and Foreign Minister (Antony) Blinken is also in his own minutes. meeting with his colleague. he used his word.

Stating that they are positive about the process, Sullivan said that US Leader Joe Biden will host the Swedish and Finnish presidents at the White House tomorrow.


Sullivan, when asked what to do in case other NATO member countries as well as Turkey might oppose Sweden and Finland’s candidacy, said, “Western allies are from the best side”. one is to have different ideas.” he used his word.

Pointing out that there can be a common ground for a random differing opinion, Sullivan said, “I believe that differences can be resolved and NATO can be the only voice to reinforce Sweden and Finland.” said.

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