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Turkey report accepted in European Parliament

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The 2021 Turkey Report prepared by the EP’s Turkey rapporteur Nacho Sanchez Amor was accepted with 448 votes against 67 in the voting held in the EP General Committee. 107 deputies abstained.

In the report, it was stated that the parliament did not foresee the continuation of Turkey’s participation negotiations, arguing that there was a gap between Turkey and the European Union on values ​​and standards, and the EU’s drafts on the rule of law and fundamental rights affected Turkey’s access process.

In the report, which noted that “in general terms, there has been a slight improvement in the EU-Turkey relations in the last year and especially in the last months,” the EP expresses the hope of overcoming the existing difficulties and replacing them with a more sustainable, real positive dynamic. it was said.

In the report, which expressed satisfaction with the high-level dialogue meetings between the EU and Turkey on climate change, migration and security, and public health in 2021, it was reminded that Turkey has updated its national action plan for the 2021-2023 period and is getting closer to the EU acquis in various fields.

In the report, it was stated that Turkey is a country of strategic value, a key partner for stability in its vast region, and a vitally ally for EU countries within NATO.

In the report, it was noted that the EU wants to continue to improve its relations with Turkey on the basis of dialogue, respect and mutual trust, and in this context, it was stated that the Turkish authorities were pleased with their commitments to EU membership , and the pronunciations were expected to be activated.

In the EP’s report, an invitation to the EU Council was requested to re-establish high-level political dialogue and high-level sectoral dialogue in the fields of economy, power, transport, as well as an EU-Turkey Stakeholder Board depending on the situation regarding fundamental freedoms and the rule of law.

In the report, which stated that there was panic about the situation of the Turkish economy, it was stated that some of the difficulties could be alleviated thanks to stronger and closer relations with the EU.


In the report, which listed the criticisms against Turkey under the title of “rule of law and fundamental rights”, it was evaluated that these issues could not be kept other than relations with the EU, and that Turkey should implement the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

MEPs also argued that there are some measures that prevent freedom of speech and show and journalists in Turkey, and noted that they are concerned about these.

It was stated that Turkey’s 4th and 5th judicial packages include steps on the real side, but these will not resolve the main concerns, and that the EU’s concerns continue in areas such as the rule of law, judicial independence and impartiality.

In the report, it was claimed that the number of cases brought to the Constitutional Court regarding violations of rights increased and that there was a panic about this, and that there was pressure on the opposition parties and that this created a panic.

In the report, which reminded that the election law was amended, it was claimed that the election threshold, which was reduced to 7 percent, is still high, and the procedure for determining the provincial election councils is worrying.

Emphas Turkey has legal security concerns, has the right to deal with terrorism, and condemns PKK and ISIS terrorism, the report asked Turkey to develop closer cooperation with the EU on counter-terrorism, money laundering and financing of terrorism.


Under the title of “EU-Turkey links and Turkish foreign policy”, Turkey’s reinforcement of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence was appreciated.

It was noted that there are many common interests with Turkey, which is referred to as a NATO ally and “partner country with the EU”, that Turkey’s Montreux Convention is appreciated, and its assistance to Ukraine is pleasing.

The Turkish government’s efforts to mediate between Russia and Ukraine were pleasing in the report, and Turkey was invited to join the sanctions against Russia.

In the report, the words of appreciation for Turkey’s hosting the largest number of refugees in the world were repeated and the continuation of EU funds for refugees was welcomed. It was also stated that it is valuable that both the EU and Turkey comply with the 2016 Turkey-EU Joint Statement and Readmission Agreement.

In the report, in which the migration burden on Turkey was accepted, it was stated that the asylum seekers should be willing to return to their countries, and that they were worried about the anti-refugee pronunciations.


In the report, which was stated to be the basis for the abolition of visas for Turkish citizens when the conditions are met, it was emphasized that the change made by the responsible EU Board Member Oliver Varhelyi in the General Directorate for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations in the EU Committee was distressed, and that Turkey’s shift to the unit on the Middle East and North Africa was a political mistake. .


In the report, the opinion that Turkey-EU cooperation is of fundamental value in foreign and security policy, said, “Strategic cooperation and optimized contact with Turkey is required for the future security structures of the EU, especially in the neighboring regions, to be effective. believes that more EU-Turkey cooperation can be achieved in the fields of foreign policy.” it was said.


In the report, which was asked to harmonize its foreign policy with the EU as a candidate country for the EU, the satisfaction of the rapprochement efforts between Turkey and Armenia was expressed. It was stated that despite the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean, it could reverse, the positive dynamic could easily change, the Cyprus negotiations would start again and the Turkish side would abandon the two-state solution proposal.

It was noted in the EP’s report that Turkey’s military operations in Syria were condemned and that Turkey was invited to peacefully approach the resolution of disputes in Libya.

MEPs made an invitation for Turkey to approach Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership with good faith.


In the title of the report, “The path to be followed in Turkey-EU relations”, it is stated that “The European Parliament will reevaluate the current situation in the relations of both sides with a comprehensive high-level dialogue in order to re -enter a renewed, stable and mutual participation based on the conditions of democracy, rule of law, fundamental rights and freedoms. encourages us to explore complementary pathways parallel to the engagement process, such as the updated Stakeholder Consensus.”

In the report, which noted that the current state of relations tends to produce unsatisfactory results, an invitation was made to establish solid foundations for mutually beneficial cooperation and to establish trust.

In the report, which included the view that both the EU and Turkey should maintain the dialogue, both sides were asked to use a respectful language, to deal with existing prejudices and the EU Council was asked to initiate a linking policy to increase EU awareness in the Turkish society.

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