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Turkey is getting obese, citizens are turning to cheap and unhealthy food

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Turkey ranks first in obesity with a rate of 32.10 according to European data. According to the results of the Turkey Nutrition Health Survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2019, the obesity rate among men in Turkey is 23.8 percent. This rate goes up to 33.1 percent for women.

Turkey Obesity Association Leader Prof. Dr. Volkan Demirhan Fist said that low purchasing power directs individuals to foods rich in sugar and fat. Fist said, “There are difficulties in accessing healthy foods in environments where people with low socio-economic status live. In line with life conditions, the time allocated for exercise is less, which has an impact on obesity.”


Consumer Rights Association (THD) Leader Turhan Çakar also emphasized that according to the results of the research, more than 25.5 million people in Turkey live below the hunger line. Çakar said, “During the pandemic period, living was difficult, now it is more difficult. Humans cannot eat vegetables. It used to be bought by the kilo, now we see that it is bought by the grain. There are millions who cannot eat meat, they cannot get enough and stable nutrition. Bread consumption has increased because it is filling, which increases obesity. There is the most severe hunger and poverty in the history of the republic. Consumers in Turkey are hungry and poor,” he said.

Nutrition and Metabolism specialist Prof. Dr. Osman Erk, on the other hand, drew attention to the fact that more than fifty percent of daily calories are obtained from bread and cereals in Turkey. Erk said “Obesity is the source of all diseases, including heart, cancer, diabetes, diseases, even liver and lung diseases. That’s why, when we find a problem with obesity, we will find solutions for many diseases,” he said.

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