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Türk Diyanet Vakıf Sen: These events in schools are not real

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Following the launch of an investigation by the Provincial Directorate of National Education on the news of “dancers being played” in an event organized by the Parent-Teacher Association in a primary school in Bursa, Türk Diyanet Vakıf Sen made a statement saying, “These young people are our youth, regardless of their school. Programs that do not fit the family structure should be banned.”

BURSA (IGFA) – Turkish Religious Foundation Deputy General Leader Hilmi Ulu made a written statement regarding the news on some news sites about an “Imam Hatip Secondary School” in Bursa.

In his glorious statement; In the interview I had with the officials of Bursa National Education Directorate the news that “A belly dancer regarding was played under the name of graduation night in an Imam-Hatip Middle School in Bursa”, the incident in question did not take place in the aforementioned school, but in another primary school in the region. He emphasized that it was carried out with dimensions and precision.

Whatever the name of the school is; Hilmi Ulu, the Deputy General Leader of the Turkish Religious Foundation, said, “The organization of such events that do not fit our national and spiritual culture and that do not comply with our national and spiritual culture, under Imam-Hatip, girls’ high school, boys’ high school or science high school, it is not real.” He said that they should be much more careful about the content.


Stating that there was not only an economic crisis but also a moral crisis as a country, Ulu said in his written statement, “We observe with fear that small cracks will cause greater destruction if they are not repaired. Regardless of their school, these young people are our youth. It is our responsibility to protect them and raise a moral generation. By making this event an occasion, we expect all kinds of programs that do not fit the Turkish family structure to be banned by the school administration and the school parent union.”

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