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TÜGİAD: Power tariffs in industry should be tax-free

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BURSA (IGFA) – Turkey Young Businessmen Association (TÜGİAD) General Leader and Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone Industrialists and Business People’s Association (DOSABSİAD) Executive Council Leader Nilüfer Çevikel, 50.8 percent in the natural gas price tariff in the industry, 49 percent in the natural gas used in electricity generation, 5 percent; He appreciated the increase in electricity by 50 percent in the industry and 30 percent in the commercial tariffs.

Agile said that for strong competitiveness, price increases should be reviewed and tariffs should be freed from taxes.

TÜGİAD and DOSABSİAD Leader Nilüfer Çevikel stated that the input costs, especially energy, climbed smoothly in the last period and there were problems in the supply of raw materials. In order to increase the power of our companies in the international competitive environment and to grow export-oriented, power-based costs should be reduced and incentives that will pave the way for renewable power investments should be implemented. In order to increase investments and increase our production capacity, the burden of the industrialists on this path should be lightened.”


Noting that the business world continues to seek solutions for valuable topics such as input costs and access to finance, Agile stated that inflation, which continues to be high, should be reduced to single digits with active policies, and said, “As the business world “We hope that our invitation in this regard will be answered,” said the minister.

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