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Trump’s ‘obstinacy’ becomes a book: ‘We will never leave the White House’

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In a book published in the USA, former US President Donald Trump made a heavy effort not to leave the White House after the presidential elections, and he said this to his close circle, “We will never leave.” he shared.

In the news in The Hill, author Maggie Haberman’s book “Confidence Man” said, “We will never leave. How can you leave after an election you have won?” what you said was included.


Haberman, who is also a New York Times reporter, details in his forthcoming book, which Trump believes he has the right to stay in the White House and is trying to persuade his close team to do so.

Your former leader asked Republican National Committee Leader Ronna McDaniel, “Why should I leave if they stole from me?” His words were also included in the middle of the words in the book.

It was shared that none of Trump’s predecessors had threatened not to leave the White House after the end of his presidency.

Former President Donald Trump announced to the press a month after the November 2020 election that he would “absolutely” leave the White House if Biden’s victory over him was documented.


Former Leader Donald Trump has been maintaining the thesis that cheating was done in the last presidential elections in 2020, since the first day, for about 2 years.

Claiming that there were irregularities in the ballots sent by mail in the presidential elections held on November 3, 2020 in the USA and that he had won the election, Trump announced that he did not accept the victory of the Democrats.

Trump took the election results to court and did not want to vacate the White House until the last moment.

On January 6, 2021, some Republicans stormed the Congress building with the aim of preventing the confirmation of Biden’s victory, and it was argued that the event in which more than 800 people were tried was planned by Trump and his campaign group.

To the poll conducted on May 25, 2021, with the Reuters/Ipsos partnership, it was stated that 61 percent of Republicans believed that the presidency was “stolen” from Trump in the 2020 elections and that Joe Biden was cheating.

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