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Trump group interfered with election machines

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In CCTV footage obtained by CNN and the Washington Post, it was seen that Republican county election official Cathy Latham led two people named Scott Hall and Paul Maggio, who worked for Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell, into the Coffee district election office.

CNN reported that Hall and Maggio, an information science company employee named SullivanStricker, went to the election office at Powell’s request.

It is recorded that Maggio wrote to Powell on January 7, 2021, when the image was taken, that they went to the election office to “collect what they could from the voting machines used in the election” and that “everything is fine” regarding data collection, including photographs of the election administration system server.

It was stated that on the very same day the video was shot, a violation of the voting machines was detected in the Coffee District election office and an investigation was launched by the Fulton District Attorney’s Office.

Security camera footage of the incident appeared

It was also noted that the investigation into the attempt to change the outcome of the 2020 Presidential elections, conducted by the Fulton District Attorney’s Office, about Latham, the missionary who took Hall and Maggio to the election office, is still ongoing.

It was noted that Latham had previously said that he had been at school full time on January 7, and that he had stopped by the election office for a short time, according to his promise within the framework of the relevant investigation.

The Washington Post also wrote that back in January 2021, two individuals from Cyber ​​Ninjas security company, Doug Logan and Jeffrey Lenberg, went to the election office together twice, and that Lenberg later found footage of him visiting the office five more times on his own.

It was shared that Logan and Lenberg were the subject of another investigation with the claim that they interfered with the voting machines in the state of Michigan.

Political observers evaluated the image that emerged as Trump and his team, using local election officials who sympathized with them, to reveal the evidence to change the result of the 2020 Presidential election, which they claimed was fraudulent.

Georgia stood out as one of the most contentious states during the 2020 Presidential election, and the meetings between Trump and his group with state officials to influence the outcome of the elections caused fierce debate in the country.

The investigation initiated by the Fulton District Attorney’s Office over the interference in the 2020 Presidential elections, including the talks, is still ongoing.

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