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TRT banderole prices were increased; Prices of computers, phones and tablets will rise

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“The Decision on Amending the Decision Regarding the Bandrole Prices to be Obtained from Radio, Television, Display and Combined Devices and All Kinds of Devices Used for Receiving Radio and Television Broadcasts Apart from These, Pursuant to the Law on Revenues of the Turkish Radio- Television Corporation” was published in the Official Gazette.

Kitchen, with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the list of the type and customs tariff statistical positions (GTİP) of the goods subject to the banderole has been changed.


According to the list of devices subject to banderol and banderole rates, the banderole rates of devices that can receive all kinds of visual or audio broadcasts directly, over the internet or by other means, with or without additional software or hardware, have been renewed.


While this rate, which was 16 percent in television, video cameras and radios, was kept constant, the rate from 10 percent in mobile phones to 12 percent, from 8 percent in smart wristwatches to 14 percent, and from 2 percent in computers and tablets to 4 percent. .


In other devices (Radio and/or TV searchlight, radio headset, radio camera, radio pedometer, radio pens, radio and/or TV bathroom systems, navigation devices, treadmills with radio and/or TV attachments, radio and/or refrigerators with TV plug-ins, DVD-VCD players and the like, pocket-sized MP3/MP4 players and the like, residential theater systems, multimedia devices with navigation for use in vehicles) was increased from 8 percent to 14 percent.

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